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I’m totally fine with the variety of approaches to comments – however I want to communicate to readers of this blog where I stand:

I love comments on this blog – they are as important as anything I write myself. They add to the knowledge and community that we have here. If you want to comment then you’re more than welcome – whether you feel you are a beginner or an expert – feel free to have your say.

I delete spam – I have spam filters in place which automatically catch the majority of automated spam comments. I don’t put up with it and if any slip through the filters I delete it immediately.

Relevant links in comments are actively encouraged – if you’re leaving a comment on my blogs and want to point to a link on your own or someone else’s site that is relevant to the topic then please feel free to do so. This adds to the conversation and improves the blog.

Irrelevant links are not encouraged – if you leave a comment with a link in it that has no relevance to the post you’re commenting on it could be be deleted. If you really want to annoy me then the way to do it is to do this on multiple posts. If you engage in this practice I would encourage you to think about the impact that such an approach has upon your reputation. Build your blog’s profile through genuine interactions and participation in the community here by all means – but spammy linking in comments could do more damage to your reputation than it is worth.

I allow signatures in comments – My gut reaction to signatures in comments is that I don’t really see the need for them and see them as verging on the spammy end of comments. However I decided not to delete comments with signatures as long as the comments were relevant and added something to the conversation. ie if you write a comment that says ‘nice’ or ‘good post’ or ‘great blog’ or ‘try viagra’ and then leave a signature on your comment then it could well be deleted.

I don’t want to be a grump and come down on readers of this blog – but I also don’t want to be taken for a ride and have my blog (which I put hours of work into each day) used in ways that don’t add value to it or the community around it.

Thank you.

3 responses to “Comment Posting Guidelines”

  1. SirHeart

    I have only just recently joined and I want to thank you for your devotion of time , knowledge and wisdom to the Dominant Guide . I find the Dominant Guide to be educational , entertaining and provocative !
    yessss ~ ~ ~

  2. Morgan

    Welcome SirHeart! I’m glad you find the Guide helpful. It’s what we’re here for. Maybe you can make it to a chat night one of these months.


  3. SirHeart

    Thank you , I also look forward to hearing your thoughts !

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