How Dominant Guide Will Help You Learn More About Your Dominant Self

If you are a novice dominant and don’t know how to get started in a D/s relationship then you are in the right place.

If you have just earned the respect of a submissive but don’t know what to do with that trust, you are in the right place.

Dominant Guide will give you the advice and helpful hand that you need.

Dominant Guide is developed in line with the successful submissive site – Submissive Guide. Using that site as a guide, so to speak, Dominant Guide hopes to help the many Dominants out there get the same sort of advice, useful knowledge and community. We want to help you find your voice, learn your skills and get in touch with your dominant mind so that you can be the best dominant you can be.

Dominant Guide is all about helping you:

  • learn about BDSM and D/s relationships
  • gain knowledge in your favorite play activities
  • share advice and knowledge with other dominants
  • work through the struggles and difficulty that comes with being dominant
  • connect with your inner voice to touch your dominant mindset

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About Dominant Guide’s Lead Author Rev. Morgan

My story is a Love story, a sex story, a story of life and kink and god; of flesh made word and word made flesh. It’s a story of blood and bone, intimacy, joy and terror. It’s a story of embodiment, reclamation, and empowerment. But mostly, it’s a story of Love- for people, for depth and intensity, for exploration, for a community and a process. .

Since encountering the BDSM community more than four years ago, I have found the cultural home I didn’t know I wanted, a place to explore those kink as well as my deepest nature as a human. I’m a Dominant, sadistic, healer, queer, pansexual, poly-flexible, mystic, artist, teacher, warrior, geek freak. But that’s just the beginning. With all of our differences, I’ve found a community of open-minded, curious, hedonistic, communicating fellow explorers who are interested in growing and having a good time while they’re at it. Here we talk about honesty, respect, negotiation, consent, adventure tempered with consideration and care, sex, irreverence, acceptance and desire. We laugh, love, play and reach deeper, higher, wider. I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience with you and to hear yours, as well as your questions and feedback. We have much to teach each other. Welcome.