2 responses to “On Love and D/s”

  1. eden

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Lord. I really enjoyed and identified with so many viewpoints (even as a submissive i really enjoy learning about how my Dom thinks and feels) Great read.

  2. Illya

    Thank you for your post on dominance. It was very moving for me and what I had envisioned. I do not know if I am submissive, dominate or a switch. I just know something has been missing for a very long time. I have suspected as much for over 20 years that submission and bondage were what I craved. Sadly, I am too old and broken to enter the lifestyle now, but I most definitely understand that what you described would have given a good marriage even more richness. Even with a wonderful and rich non vanilla sex life there was still something more I needed. I wish I had found the community sooner.

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