3 responses to “Thinking Dominant #13 – Is Love Necessary?”

  1. Desireous

    I am a submissive. I can tell you that I can’t fully submit without love. It’s part of my submissiveness and its not that feelings are confused. Its just the way it works for me. Think of Love as a drive for my submission. I can partially submit if you want to call it that but I wont go beyond my limits without love . The submission is so much sweeter and more satisfying to me when its driven by love.

  2. MsWynd

    Personally I need to feel love for someone I dominate. It may not be an “in love” feeling, but I need a decent emotional connection for it to happen. Otherwise I’m in a very vanilla mode that is there, simply because the rest of my life doesn’t bow down to my will [if only, haha!] 🙂

  3. Morgan

    Thank you both for your comments. I agree, on both counts. That’s how it works for me too.

    Do you think there are different kinds of love? Different flavors? When you say “love”, does that necessarily mean “couple” kind of love?

    I think you addressed that MsWynd, with your point about “in love” vs “decent emotional connection”.


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