2 responses to “Ask Anything: Getting Past the “Nice People Don’t…” Feeling”

  1. Ask lunaKM – Quick Fire Answers on Being a Great Submissive, Guilt, Shame and More | Submissive Guide

    […] will still be able to voice when you’ve had enough.  Morgan, of DominantGuide.com recently tackled this very question and I think her answer will stand on its own here. Give it a read, pass it on to him and best of […]

  2. Ask lunaKM – My Dominant Breaks Down When Punishing Me | Submissive Guide

    […] Let him work out why he feels the way he does and that hopefully, eventually he will learn to embrace it as a part of his positive sexuality and find the fulfillment he gets from it as acceptable and not bad.  You might want to direct him the The Dominant Guide and this really good post from Rev Morgan about “Getting Past the Good Guys Don’t”. […]

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