4 responses to “Tasks and Projects – How To Keep Them In Line”

  1. Anti-Typical

    I use a combination of spreadsheets. I have one, similar to what you’ve described, to show what assignments are being completed and so forth. I also have one to display infractions that require discipline and have them color coded on a scale of severity. I use this to see if there are any sort of patterns in my sub’s misbehaviors.

  2. Tequila Rose

    Daddy and I have something similar to this set up with Google Drive where we store passwords for all our accounts, list of finances, dinner ideas when Someone can’t make up His mind, ect. It works great since we both have Android devices that function with Google accounts. We also have our calenders synced with each other and our partner so that way everyone knows who has appointments and vacations when and it does make life so much easier!

  3. Brian Mills

    Can someone share a ready to use task list one that I can modify the one mentioned by Anti-Typical with colour coded sounds good.

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