One response to “Thinking Dominant #8 – Too Far”

  1. Maxfield

    I feel that completely cutting them off from the world and changing who they are as a person, simply because you are the Owner/Master/Dominant/etc, is beyond too far. Our subs/slaves/pets/etc are human beings as well, with souls, hearts, and minds of their own. While there are times we bring them pain, pleasure, degrade them as they are not worthy, etc, at the end of the day, we are there for comfort and companionship on one level or another. Human needs are still important, such as social interaction, friendship, education, and for some people, work, and many other things that come into play to have a healthy, complete life. To mold them completely around what we want, including taking away and last bit of freedom by robbing them of the attainment of these needs, we are not helping, but harming. When we take away the accessibility to these needs, we are failing as Doms to provide that safety and care.

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