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  1. Dan

    I’m interested..I think that communication is key…count me in.


    I think if you’ve just entered a sub/dom relationship the sub should teach the dom or get a mentor I need help?not sure what to do this is all new to me

  3. Morgan

    It’s my experience that teaching is always a two-way street anyway. No one knows everything about everything. If I’m really showing up as a human teacher (as opposed to an egotistical, arrogant know it all), then I recognize my authority, its strengths and its limitations. I recognized that I always have more to learn and students are great for showing me where. 🙂
    The saying “We teach what we want to learn” is often right on. I’ve heard many stories about subs teaching Doms. The way people like to approach that varies, but it can be done with grace and love. Being willing to accept information from someone who knows more about something, is more experienced than I, is a good skill to have as a human who wants to get better at…well, everything.

    In terms of BDSM specifically, I think it’s crucial to have input, people who you can share what you’re up to, ask questions and get feedback. Very few of us have any kind of role models to follow when it comes to kink. We need to find them. We play with very rich, potentially dangerous energies here and it’s vital to have someone, anyone- a teacher, a mentor, a group of peers, a therapist, whatever- that you trust to check things out with. Pride be damned. We aren’t very intimate with where the boundaries are between healthy and unhealthy, edgy and abusive, loving and enmeshment, etc. We all need help sometimes navigating it.

  4. Morgan

    🙂 I like that answer.

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