2 responses to “Ask Dominant Guide: Submissive needs/wants being met?”

  1. Mistress N

    I have a question. I have a new submissive who has a fetish that I have never come across. I would like advice on how best to proceed with him if you don’t mind. His fetish is that he wishes to be treated as livestock. He wants his Mistress to “eat” him like meat. Please advise. Thank you. Mistress N.

  2. Ms Honey

    @Mistress N

    If that’s his fetish and not yours, you don’t have to feel compelled to participate if it makes you uncomfortable. You asked the question at the end of April, and I’m seeing it at the first part of July, so who knows if you’re still together or not. However I would hope that you sat down with him, and really had an honest and frank discussion with him about his fetish and how you felt about it. Its entirely possible that for him, that’s going to have to remain a fantasy or is something that he’s going to have to do with someone else who can RP that with him. Not sure how far his fetish goes, but if it includes being ritually slaughtered, butchered and consumed, that most certainly may NOT be something you wish to participate in. We are allowed to say no to things that our submissive/slaves bring to us, when it falls outside of our personal comfort zone. We’re people first, dominants second.

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