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  1. fondles

    This was a great read. I’ve shared the link to this site on my blog. And used your lion picture (with credit). i hope you don’t mind 🙂

  2. Vikky

    Great article on the difference between the two – in my blog ( http://www.ourkinkyblog.com ) I have covered it recently as well, even in feminist circles it has to be explained.
    Thumbs up !

  3. Calvin

    I agree I liked the article

  4. Ann

    It’s so refreshing to find someone who can see the difference, too. I cannot have respect for someone who is not respectful to others. Who continuously undervalues their subs and keeps insulting them in public as if they had something to prove. Who seems to always be angry and doesn’t understand that you don’t need to raise your voice, or to be rude to give a direct order that your sub knows better than to disobey.

    Amazing post.

  5. john goodman

    I am reading and learning about the lifestyle. The one word I have not seen used though it has been implied is “abuse.” Is there a reason for that? No doubt what would be considered abuse would be subjective and theoretically determined by the limits of the sub. What an observer might consider abuse, could be pleasure for the sub and vice versa. But it appears that when you gave your list of domineering behaviors you were actually listing types of abuse. Please comment.

  6. Gary

    Although, for some subs, fear play is part of the fun, so your example of:
    “As a domineering individual, you can go to the person who serves you and grab them by the hair or neck and drag them to their knees. Maybe you can get them to kneel by a verbal command, but it would most likely be done from a place of fear on the submissive’s end. They would fear to disobey that person because the response is often erratic and unknown.” would actually be a good thing in some dynamics. By of course, it would not be a good thing in any dynamic without negotiation and discussion, and it’s not a good thing to be by nature, much more so through role playing.

    But damn, sometimes it’s hot to unpredictably grab them by the…

    hair. You didn’t think I would say pussy, did you? 😉

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