3 responses to “Kink and the Dollar Store”

  1. Steve

    Many items can be found at similar places as well as Thrift shops. The Lady in charge can also make her sub pay fr the items themselves knowing what they will be used for at checkout. Dog collars, wooden spoons, clothespins, Fleets Enema fluid, lotions, rubber gloves, rubber bands all are items easily found. Your imagination is your only limit.

  2. Submissive

    Thank you so much for this info!! I can’t wait to see what my Master picks out for me!

  3. alex

    I got my first flogger from a pound store. £2 and an afternoons work got me a 50 fall 2ft long flogger that’s better than the £20 ones my wife got from a certain highstreet chain of adult shops here in England

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