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  1. Aaron

    Excellent writings sir. I have been dating a woman who is a submissive and I am just starting out and these are an excellent help. I don’t have a mentor so these help greatly.

  2. Kate

    I just want to say thank you for your advice and clear, understandable words. As someone who is just starting with my submissive partner, this has been wonderful. The questions around the dominant voice are exactly what I have been looking for; she tells me I’m doing well and seems happy but I feel as though I’m improvising it all. Having an idea in my head of my dominant voice will help me greatly.

  3. Artful Rodger

    First question for both potential partners in a D/s relationship surely might be …..
    “What gives me most satisfaction; a) inflicting / receiving pain – or b) the sensation of having power & authority / the degradation of being punished (painfully or by humiliation). The results of these questions will set your partnership on a firm footing, or reveal grounds to ‘call the whole thing off.’

  4. Lady D

    This article is extremely well written. My husband and I have moved more into a D/s relationship, and I find myself struggling with finding myself as his dom… Not in the aspect of dominance, but as you say here, in my voice. I think some research and these questions are very much going to help.

  5. Amaliah

    This article was clear, concise and means a great deal to me as someone who’s just starting out. My IRL submissive is content with how things are going -but I struggle with being “dominant enough.” – whatever that means. This article and other articles I’ve read here have helped quell my anxiety over the style that comes naturally to me ( vs. what is “ right”)and put into perspective.

    Thanks for that.

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