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  1. Shawn Pitts

    I really enjoyed this read. It was both educating and eye opening. I was curious about the 1950’s Gentleman Dominant that I had read earlier before this article, but now that I have, it is a very respectable way to lead your house, as well as your submissive. The way you describe your way of being a Dominant is not entirely too far off to where I want to be. Being only 5 years a Dominant, I still have a great deal to learn, and am always happy and interested in doing so. There are a lot of things I need to learn, and I don not have a clue, most of the time, of how to attain the information I need. So websites like this one, that allow experienced Dominants and submissives to post their views in an educational way is exhilarating for me. I learn more and more about myself the more I read and learn through others. Having the life I currently am in being what it is, and rather a pathetic existence it has turned out to be, it is very difficult to meet others with such experience, let alone attain the knowledge I need to inspire and motivate myself to push to the man and Dominant I wish to be. So thank you for this article. It has helped me greatly in further understanding myself in the process, and has given me great incite as to what it truly means to be a long-term practitioner of being a Dominant. Thank you.

  2. Tasson

    Great read, and definitely answers some questions I had for myself.

  3. Kitten

    As a new sub this was very interesting to read, as my partner and I are just beginning this journey together and both trying to find out feet. Having come from a abusive not consensual M/s relationship (wasn’t technically M/s but easiest way to describe it). I love the idea of service and possibly slave but trying to match what did happen to what a Dom or Master should be like is an interesting challenge. Thank you.

  4. Saje

    Thank you for writing this! My bf is interested in the lifestyle and this is exactly what he needs to get more positive reinforcement. Thank you for putting into words what I had difficulty explaining!

  5. fud

    Very well put. I was nodding my head as I read thru.

    “Be decent, but be a man, however a man is one that is not above getting his hands dirty with the menial of tasks” is how I would sum this up.

    Structure, expectations, accountability, trust, understanding, and reward. Punishment (unless consensual) is the last resort.

    This also has the subtext that a “dom” is what a “gentleman” used to be…before we bro dude and snowflake fucked up it.

    I really enjoy your site. Thank You!

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