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  1. Kate

    I’m a senior lady who has sort of fallen into an intense curiosity about BDSM, and no I haven’t read 50 Shades of whatever colour and no I’m not looking to alter my sexual inclinations.
    It came about while reading another non-erotic book that had an interesting section about a BDSM PLAY SCENE that was very tastefully done and I realized I knew very little about it so I am on a mission to be better informed for no other reason than I like to know.I have to say the few BDSM Videos I watched did little to inform me and all the toys had me scratching my head a bit
    I follow trails of information, one question leading invariably to another, which is how I landed on this site when I was looking for more info about any negative effects/reactions of forced clitoral orgasms as a form of “punishment” which I found on another site.

    While I generally agree with your article about BDSM being a pretty good sexual turn on in ALL sexual encounters( the brain is still the biggest sex organ to turn on ), I do take “umbrage” with your use of the word VICTIM in the second paragraph third line in. It does little to contradict the image that BDSM is kinky and for perverts.
    The other thing I’ve discovered that annoys me is it being called a LIFESTYLE. In my mind it seems to be more an expression of a sexual preference/orientation than a lifestyle and I believe our sexuality and how ever it is expressed is but a mere pinch of who we are and how our lives are lived, and more importantly it is nobody’s business but ours.

    Anyhow just thought I’d comment and move on to the next level of learning more about this type of sexual expression and other stuff
    FYI I am learning a lot and getting a kick out of the learning.

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