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  1. David

    I found this sub on a website adult website that we hit it off but when she’s tells me that I have to pay a transfer fee to her mistress I’m more cautious I really do like her but they won’t let me talk to her on the phone live all it is his texts emails she says it’s against the rules for me to talk to her life before I transfer the funds this sounds like a scam to me but I really intrigued by this Dom sub roll and would like to find out more about her but I don’t know how to get around this problem any help would be great

  2. Lion

    You shouldn’t have to pay fees to anyone unless this is a pay for play situation.

  3. LostDom


    I have been with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years and since we meet he told me he was into bdsm wich i though it was amazing because i always had an inclination towards it anyway this is part of his live and has been since a long time ago and i had never officially played other than the amature little things in bed like slaping or being agresive, anyway this is nothing sexual for him we have the sex and the play apart we dont mix them. I am an amature and he is an expert i am a dom but i cant play with him because he knows so much and i know so little i dont want my slave to know that so its been very hard lately i let him played with his old dom girl wich is a friend of mine as well tthey did last week and i just saw him.. he is marked cuz he likes to play with blades but i cant handle seeing someone elses marks on him. I wanna learn very much and he thinks i just dont care… what do i do??? Please help!!

  4. Kreator

    OK so here’s the thing.. I am a learning to become a Dom and have been trying online play. But recently I have taken a young woman 19 yrs old under my wing. She is quite new to this scene and is shy so I want to bring out her kinkier side. Can you suggest me some plays that I could do to bring out her kinkier side..

  5. lunaKM

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