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  1. Eric

    I would like to see an actual article and see some others view points on this matter. In years past, I had a sub that was too shy to go to play parties, and another later that was a S.A.M. I would normally handle things later privately. One method I picked up from a mentor of mine was to use 3 sealed envelops with a different punishment in each one. The sub would choose her own punishment and then open the envelop to see what was going to happen to her.
    I would still like to see what others do and how they handle situations with a sub getting out of line.

  2. Morgan

    Hi Eric~

    That’s an interesting idea, the three envelopes of doom. 🙂
    I’ve only had to deal with misbehavior with one submissive. It was very easy to correct him. His mistakes were never willful disobedience, but oversights or “forgetfulness”. All I had to do was tell him to stop, say his name a certain way or give him “the look” and he would catch himself and either change his behavior immediately or check with me if he was unclear on what the problem was.

    The other submissive I had, we ran into problems with agreements. I thought that we had clear verbal agreements, but he would forget that we’d even had the conversation. We were just beginning to address this with a simple written contract when the relationship dissolved. So.

    I don’t think I would have the patience or interest in being in a relationship with a submissive who was constantly pushing the limits, breaking agreements. I would not expect a submissive to put up with me if I was doing that either. Others have more patience than I do in this regard.

    We had an interesting discussion in the Dominant Guide chat in February- what’s the difference between correction and punishment?

    Another interesting issue with punishment is finding something that a masochist submissive won’t enjoy, so that it actually IS punishment.

    I’d love to hear what others have to say on the topic too.


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