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  1. Jeremy

    I have been in a relationship with my new partner for almost two months now. She is a Sub and is trying to ease me into this new lifestyle. This is all very new to me, but is something that has spiked my interest. She and I both agree that I show good characteristics for becoming a Dom. I’m looking for any advice and guidance to better my knowledge and to help guild our new relationship.


  2. Sir Charles

    A Submissive has asked for my advice on which vibrator to get.
    Two come to mind, each for varying reasons. The Hitachi wand and the Rabbit, with a specialized mention to the Rabbit G.
    This is for her personal use, not for partner play, so I suppose that this is a question better left to the Women.
    I understand that they make internal attachments for the Hitachi now, but is it still a little too much horsepower for the novice sub?
    And then I’m left to wonder if the Rabbit is a tad too specialized….especially the “g”.
    Are there any new fangled gizmos out there as well.
    Thanks for the help

  3. lunaKM

    Sir Charles, It has nothing to do with being a novice sub and more to do with being a woman. Some women prefer gentle vibration while others like the harsher variety. When looking for a vibrator, personally, I don’t need it to be insertable. I get off via my clit. It’s nice to have a dildo, but that doesn’t need to vibrate.

    If she’s never had a vibrator before start with the small bullet vibes and work her way up to others that might be more her preference. I’ve burned out a handful of the original Pocket Rockets myself.

    http://bit.ly/1mySAmo (Stockroom is an affiliate of Domguide)

    Good luck.

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