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  1. Mara

    Oh my goodness… This is exactly what I need right now!

    After months of punishing myself for desiring to be the ‘s’ in a D/s relationship, I created a profile on fetlife only about a month ago. Its not at all buzzing with activity but its there. Lol. It was (is) indeed frightening for me venturing into uncharted waters alone. I’ve never in my life been accused of being a social butterfly. I require strong encouragement to be social but still, I’m not unfriendly. And I was beginning to think that I may be a different kind of freak for needing to get my toes wet before jumping in, so its incredibly refreshing to hear (read) someone else articulate the same thought.

    I’ve not actually met with another person whose into BDSM as yet – there’s still no evidence that a BDSM community exist where I live. But even still, I’ve managed to chat with a few online. This was very encouraging. And I hope that some day soon I will find the freedom to be who I am.

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