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  1. Max

    I respectfully disagree with your article.
    It is well written and I am pleased to find you very educated.
    However, human beings are sexual beings. We need to ejaculate or orgasm as much as we need to eat or sleep. Try going one week without it, you will PHYSICALLY feel bad. Just as going two days without food or sleep will also make you feel PHYSICALLY bad. This is the sign that your body needs it to survive. So, yes…. your body NEEDS to cum.

    Why would you deny that? Why NOT include sex in BDSM? Please tell me that? Can you not learn as much about Dominance and submission when sex is in the mix? Absolutely can.

    I think this is a big mistake in the BDSM world, and frankly this is exactly WHY there’s not more mainstreamers involved in the culture. It’s because mainstreamers (mainly women actually) find it very strange to get tied up and beat up “for no reason”.. in order words women want to be tied up.. yes.. but most of them do… for “sexual” reasons… because we are sexual beings. Which now makes sense. Without sex, it does not make sense.

    That is the reason why 50 shades was so popular. It includes sex. Therefore it involves a human need. If you remove sex from it, you now have something that appeals to only a minute percentage of women.

  2. Sir_Daddy

    UhhhI may be wrong about this but I think that the author Mistress Steel had her “Tongue firmly in her Cheek” when she wrote the above article. Well of course there are folks out there passing out the literature condemning sex and just like the intelligent design folks they like to dress it up so they sound all benevolent and and wiser that us poor ignorant other folk. And for those who are really in the know, ( those of us having hard dirty deep satisfying sex with our bondage) those folks got no traction at all.
    But of course they will keep trying. They have to you see. They have been given a mission after all and not by some black ops arm of some government either! No, No, Their mission has been whispered in their ear late at night, as well as shouted at full volume every Sunday from every pulpit across the world…save them…save those poor unbelievers, those retched masses of the misguided before they decend into hell and oblivion! SAVE THEM BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!

    at least that’s what I read

  3. Joe

    Love your piece. BDSM has always seemed to me to be the synthesis of a monkish religioin with raw sex. At its best its a stage, or a structure where the most powerful and revelatory human experience, sex, can approach the level of an art form. There is much religion in sex. The pagans understood that. 🙂

  4. pa

    Read the entire article before you comment! Obviously she is advocating SEX being in BDSM if you read the whole thing.

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