5 responses to “Slave Names and ‘Tagging’ Property”

  1. egangdaddy

    I’m new to the life, I was wondering if I had to be sub in order to be taught properly to be a good dom. I’ve gotten several different answers, perhaps someone with years of Dom practicing could give me some helpful advice, I do understand that different people will give different answers, I think it’s the explanation that follows the answer is where I can get the most valuable information. I thank you for your time and consideration I’m my quest to be a good Dom.

  2. lunaKM

    No, you don’t have to be a sub to learn how to be a Dom. Be who you are and learn how to be the best person you can be.

  3. Liliana

    I totally agree is a great game and important the name, so my slaves live deeply their role.

  4. Charlotte

    Could you please give the font to the information on the white dress being stained and shown as proof of the consummation? Cause I looked everywhere, and all information is the same from history books and documentaries: white only became popular with Queen Victoria in the XIXth century, and the whole deal of purity was just a assumption made my the people.

  5. Mr.J

    Wonderful article.

    I affectionately refer to my sub as My Girl. I use the capitalization when writing to her or about her as I often use the term “my girl”. My Girl is explained to her as she is now mine and belongs to myself. She honors me with the title of Sir and Boss in public arenas. In private she honors me with the title of “Master” and this is very special to me.

    My Girl keeps her name and I find it important for her well being that she feels completely free while being “owned” by me. This is entirely consensual ownership, as what excites me the most is her giving herself freely to me. It is trust beyond description and My Girl is very special to me.

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