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  1. Carla Perkins

    I agree with this to the exception of one can not expect submission from someone in a work environment.

  2. Richard Jameslon

    Highly insightful. Thank you.

  3. waarrin

    Re-asking a question in more detail…

    I’m curious about your opinion of the pdf guide to being a domme “Uniquely Rika” and her veiws on what submission means and how it is negotiated as presented in the guide between her and her husband?

    For instance, amongst other things in a Q&A she had this to say

    “8. You have said that limits are not needed in a D/s relationship. What does that mean?

    In a service-oriented relationship, what is a limit? Should I limit the amount of service someone gives me? Since this is not about what I’m doing TO a sub, there is no need for safe words or limits. Why limit what he does FOR me? If he goes too far, I’ll adjust his actions. Simple.”

    Contrasted to a BDSM scene (scene-based), safe words and limits are far more important, but that’s not what service-oriented submission is about.

  4. Sarah Bebefille

    Great, great article and I actually copied a piece in a note to myself to read when I’m at my lowest and seek to blame and not accept responsibility for not submitting. It’s SUCH an internal tug of war at times, and I’ve been blessed with an experience and partner who shows me this at every turn. Thank you for sharing this.

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