4 responses to “Everyone Needs the Dominant/submissive Lifestyle”

  1. Andris

    I enjoyed this article 🙂 D and S is present in all relationships and it is what creates conflict if it is unbalanced. In D-S relationship, both partners know exactly what is situation and it they have both agreed to it and work on their roles from both sides to improve their relationships. It is more harmonic.

  2. WhiteKnight

    Respectfully the notion that everybody needs a D/s dynamic is rather misguided. You have found fulfillment in your relationship and that’s great. However it is disrespectful to assume that people in more egalitarian relationships can’t have just as much harmony, happiness, and closeness. Frankly if you look at the long term success rate of D/s relationships I think you will find their failure rate is just as high as the failure rate of vinnilla relationships.

  3. Bethany

    Not everybody needs a D/S relationship, bit every relationship needs communication. That is what vanilla relationships could learn from the BDSM community. There are people who would naturally be equal in moat areas of a relationship. I’ve seen it happen, and it can be just as functional or dysfunctional as D/S relationships can be. The reason it works or doesn’t comes down to communication.

  4. Visitor

    I would disagree with your premise if I were to take your title literally. However, I think what you mean to say is that the D/s dance, if you will, while being more fleshed out and systematic in BDSM, is present in everyday vanilla relationships to a point as well. As such, the tools that make it work in actual kink are helpful in the vanilla world too.

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