2 responses to “Risk Aware vs. Safe, Sane and Consensual”

  1. eboe

    Any dominant worth their weight understands that RACK consists of them being aware of the risks as well, and part of that risk is that they ARE ultimately responsible for the life and well being of the person they are involved in a scene / relationship with. Legally, emotionally, every way.

  2. David Merrill

    This is nothing like RACK as actually understood and practiced around the world for decades.

    The answer to all of those questions such as will you ask the submissive “will you engage in breath play with me knowing that sexually connected deaths by lack of oxygen average 250 persons in the United States each year” is yes. You do speak to the submissive about the precise risks using precise facts and data, so far as they are available. Otherwise it is not “risk aware”. That is the entire point of RACK! All parties must be fully informed of the risks and consent knowing those risks. That is RACK.

    But the author does not understand RACK. Instead, she writes up scenarios that directly contradict the principles of RACK, and call them RACK.

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