4 responses to “Needle in a haystack, a good Dom is hard to find.”

  1. Everbound

    Thank you for this article- I’m currently an /s type helping to bring a new Dom along and it’s been interesting to be sure to provide information that can be taken and mulled over rather than spoon-feeding because I don’t necessarily want to experience things the way I imagine… I want him to lead the way, but I know the general direction the path should/ can go and I want to at least shine a light on the path.

    Best wishes along your way.

  2. Ray

    The Dominant Gentleman…wow. I stumbled across your website looking for introductory BDSM material and through your well written posts I am very excited for this new adventure. I have spent the last few hours just reading through your material and I have so many questions. I am a Dominant personality and I completely respect and relate to your stance of approaching domination as a gentleman. I am just began a new relationship (approx. 30 days) and we have played with the ideas of D/s, but after reading your work it has become clear that this is who we are indeed. What book(s) would you recommend to establish a foundation for a D and a s?

  3. gw

    Well written, intelligent article

  4. Summer

    Best thing I’ve read from the D’s side… hoping I find this in my life, but no idea where to start. I have thought about checking out the apps, but as a female and a sub I worry about my personal safety, and I’m picky… I know I’m missing a huge part of who I am deep down by not being able to fulfill my fantasies and I crave, seriously CRAVE exactly what you described, have since I was young. Any advice you could offer a girl would be so appreciated! <3

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