3 responses to “Physically Challenged: Can You Be a Dominant From a Wheelchair?”

  1. Astarlia

    Oh but yes, yes they can.

    For me personally it’s all about the power exchange anyway. It’s all about words and intention. I love playing with tops that don’t need to try and *force* me, because they know I will willingly degrade myself for them.

    It’s one thing to have someone else write slut and whore on your body, it’s another to have someone sit and impassively watch as you do it to yourself and then judge you on your handwriting.

    It’s one thing to have someone tie you up so they can whip you, and another to have someone make you crawl up to them on your hands and knees with a whip in your mouth.

    Yes a dominant in a wheelchair is going to have to learn best to do things in ways that work for them. As do we all….

  2. The Half-Hand

    What Astarlia said. Speaking as a physically challenged Dom, I’d say you certainly can- and now you know why my alias is what it is! That said, there will be difficulties to work through. Cuffs, clips and locks are difficult for me to handle gracefully, and rope play is right out the window. Anything that requires grasping or handling has to be done one-handed, and I have to be mindful of my own limitations to make a position work. For example, if I want to use a riding crop on puppy’s rump while she’s on all fours while holding her leash, I’ll need to stand on her right side so I can keep the leash around my right wrist while still being able to reach her behind with my left hand and the crop. While I can (obviously) hold the leash in my left, I can’t grip the crop strongly enough to use it with my right.

  3. Rev

    Hi Half-Hand~

    I am reminded of something I learned in my first hatha yoga class at age 23- “modify modify modify”. It has served me well in so many different capacities throughout my life, including this one. I have lived with chronic pain and fatigue issues for some time. Some folks would think that means they can’t live a “full” life (whatever that means to each of us), but I’m sure you know what I mean when I say that I know some “fully able bodied” people who live a half or even zero life, while some of us who are supposedly “disabled” live enough for 3. 🙂 I mean, it’s not really about what our bodies do or don’t do, so much as what we do with what we do have.

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