One response to “You Might Be a Dominant If…”

  1. Alex

    I have a question, though I dont have that much faith itll be answered.
    Ill be blunt, I never would in a million years have ever considered bdsm. Much less that I
    Could be dominant. I dont know, I never considered ordering someone around. From the lingo ive learned Ive gathered I was pretty much vanilla. But theres a girl who told me she was sub, moreso brat but anyways. I decided to have fun with it for a while, and she was confused because she didnt think I knew the effect I was having on her ( im truly an innocent bean). I started to enjoy it. A lot. I really liked the feeling of being able to get in her head. I promise I’m getting to the question. Ive done some research after all of this but I cant find anything on this. Even though I like the idea of being dominant, there are some parts I dont like that much. Are there levels to it, what am I, and can I be considered dominant? Oh and is it fast to pick up.

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