3 responses to “Going Deep: Topspace, Bottomspace, and Sado-erotic Ecstacy”

  1. justanotherjason

    You just described the exact dynamic that I want for me and my sub (wife). Differences are where you are physical in administering pain, I am more cerebral in my control. I like to separate my sub’s mind from her body while I take complete ownership of her body… Her mind is just along for the ride.

    The problem with deep cerebral play is that you must reassemble what you have ripped apart. Afterplay becomes much more important, especially when dealing with a more emotional sub like my wife. Have you ever used this type of play?

  2. Massimo

    I would never compare the wonderful” inner animal” described in the article with Satan or original sin.the inner animal is the power, the strength of nature, sin or Satan are n’ t.

  3. Al

    I absolutely love this post – you described what it feels like for me when I scene with my sub.
    I, outside of BDSM, am an individual who you won’t expect to be dominant and sadistic. My friends tend to call me the most “subby” and “un-dominant” person due to how patient, kind, and relentlessly soft-hearted I am. But when I’m in high emotional states or scening, I become an entirely different person, completely opposite compared to my normal headspace.
    And it’s quite difficult for me to stop myself from going too far, from being too primal and sadistic when in that headspace.
    So I appreciate how you put what I feel in words – thank you for making this post. 🙂

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