2 responses to “Ask Anything: What Kind of Cane Should I Get?”

  1. Rane

    I’d have to agree about the use of acrylic canes/rods, as owner of Rods ByRane acrylic rods, I’m partial to them. As to what type of impact play afforded by use of the acrylic, size does matter, when it comes to sensation. The thinner the rod, the stingier it gets, the thicker cane delivers more of a thuddy feel.

    What type of material used is a personal matter. Some people are drawn to the organic materials such as rattan, bamboo, willow, etc. Some are drawn to the non-organic, or human-made products, such as acrylic, carbon fiber, delron, etc.

    If you’re into blood play, while using rattan, bamboo or other natural material, unless you want to gift the receiver every time you draw blood, I recommend using acrylic because it’s non-porous, and a simple swipe of a cloth, soaked in your favorite cleaner (Matacide, for me), will clean the rod/cane sufficiently enough to use again.


  2. Rev

    I’m so glad you chimed in on this one Rane! We needed to hear from an expert. I love canes myself, but they’re definitely not among my specialties, meaning I don’t know all that about them. Obviously you do. Win! I’m talking notes…


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