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  1. lunaKM

    As to if someone might feel offended or not by semi-public play or signs of D/s in a vanilla context is all about consent. We talk about it a lot in the community and it’s just as important to those that will possibly happen upon our “play”. So whether someone is offended or not has nothing to do with it. If we prize consent so much, and I know I do, then these happenstance bystanders in vanilla situations DID NOT CONSENT to view what we are doing. Not 10 years ago, homosexuals could not be seen kissing or holding hands in public because of the public outrage and lack of consent by the public. It’s now becoming more and more commonplace so less people need to consent to it and are accepting, but that doesn’t mean that kink explores should push it on people just by accidentally being exposed to it. That’s not the way to win acceptance. Showing that we can respect viewer’s limits as well as our own goes a lot further, in my opinion. Then, in controlled environments, teach them that kink is not to be shamed and that what we do is perfectly healthy, then we can perhaps break down barriers that right now lead to offence.

    And that’s just my view on it.

  2. T.O.M.

    Great article and very timely. My wife and I, after 37 years, have come to realize we have been in the wrong roles. It is a very long story as to how we came to this conclusion, but we are just now starting on a D/s journey. I am the Sir and she is my sub. Due to a number of factors, her up bringing, and mine for that matter, not to mention body image issues and the fact that we are 60 years old, will likely prevent us form “playing ” any place public.

    In ten days (here come the timely bit) we will be going on vacation with some friends we believe to be vanilla, and I am sure they would think us the same. we will be on a cruise ship and are looking for ways to keep the D/s going with out being overly overt. we are looking for ways for her to show her subservience to me. And of course how I might dominate her. you suggestion here are very helpful. the one thing I was wondering is how likely is it that some vanilla person might recognize this like using an honorific or asking permission as “Kinky”?

  3. T.O.M.

    Thanks Rev I will let you know how it goes. By the way really enjoyed the pod cast.

  4. TheQuestioningMan

    I love playing in public and don’t mind at all others seeing my pubic hairs. Sensuality in mind is a real good thing and I appreciate intimate sharing of myself and the intimate sharing of others. It is a truly beautiful thing. I would like to do more of it but in Ann Arbor it is hard to find Women who are similarly open and uninhibited. I have tried and tried but with no success. Ann Arbor is supposed to be a very liberal and experimental town but actual experience leads me to doubt this proposition.

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