4 responses to “Ask Anything: Figuring Out My Label and Contacting People Online”

  1. Yael

    I am a newbie as well and having the same problem. I did join fetlife and have joined groups but I don’t see how to request people as friends. Can you tell me how to do this? I don’t know anyone who lives like this and my husband and I are both brand new. I just need someone to bounce thoughts off of and ask questions about what I am experiencing!

  2. Maia

    Hi. One year into lifestyle and I have not yet worked up the nerve to attend a munch by myself.

    Suggestion to munch organisers. Offer to meet newbies in the parking lot and walk them into munch and introduce them. I suggested this to a few organisers in my area and they both said that they hadn’t thought of that. IMO best way to get new submissives to show up.

  3. mm

    I have a question regarding playing the role of dominant. To who can I email it?

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