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  1. lucas

    Hi, I have been with my partner for 6 years now. We live together and have 3 kids. We are now looking to extend our lifestyle to suit what my partner has always craved and enter the life of a BDSM lifestyle. At the moment we have had some experience with bondage but not much with discipline or sm. We have looked at our options and considered allowing a local master to coach me (dom) on how I should train my sub. I have established that my sub is definitely a brat, loves to fight back but keeps the humour.

    What I am looking for is some tips on how I should start of? I need to come to understand what is expected of me as a dom and how to train my sub.


  2. Caroline

    Hi. I’m entering into a new submissive and dominant relationship I’m unsure about things. I’ve never done this before. I’m supposed to be the dominant one. But I’ve always been submissive. How do I change roles. And what can I use to reward my submissive. I am female the dominant one. And he is male my submissive

  3. Daddy Steve

    Hi, I recently just entered a ddlg style bdsm relationship. I have had a relationship like this before but she is a bit of a brat but LIKES physical punishment. I was hoping for some help with out of the box punishments for when she acts up.


  4. lunaKM

    @Steve – you don’t need to think outside the box at all. What non-physical punishments does she dislike? Writing lines, corner time, removing privileges, etc. Ground her like parents do the world over.

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