One response to “Ask Anything: Aftercare- How Much Crying is Normal?”

  1. HandsOfGold

    I think you’re right on with this. My girl can cry uncontrollably for quite a while after a really dEep scene. Afterward, we talk about the scene and allow her to process as well as make sure that had my needs meet and enjoyed the scene as well. It’s her way of making sure that it was a good scene and receiving that validation. Beyond that, she usually takes a day or so to fully process a deep scene, but there is no lingering depression unless there is a drop a or so after the play.

    I think just supporting her and validating her and allowing her to cry without judgement is likely all she needs unless she suffers from a lingering depression or feelings of worthlessness. You could ask her if there is anything that would make her feel more secure, comfortable or supported when she’s releasing (beforehand of course), but you might find that you’re already doing everything she wants and needs.

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