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  1. Cuffstore

    The collar is probably one of my favorite tools to enhance my pleasure! I never knew all the backstory though, thanks Rev for writing this. Even the overall etiquette part is something most people just do not understand and can really ruin a lot of experiences.

  2. CraigR

    My wife has collared me. We have been together for 25 years but have never married. On our 25th anniversary she put me in a Turian style Eternity Collar in Black Stainless Steel. I love the weight of it as it is a reminder of who I belong to every moment of the day. I sometimes find myself just holding on to it which seems to bring me a level of comfort that I have never felt before. We don’t really have the Slave and Master relationship thing going on, although we do like our “play” time, so we view the collar like a wedding ring. When she put it on me, we said our own little vows to each other and it was very personal and deep. Since then we have been way more in tune with each other and our relationship has grown immensely even though we have been together for so long. I was the one who brought the idea up, but it took quite a few years for her to warm up to the idea, but am I ever glad she did, and if you ask her I bet she would tell you we should have done it sooner. She holds the key and even though I could find another key for it, I don’t want to. I do have to have it off for some medical appointments but as soon as the appointment is done it goes straight back on. I actually get a bit anxious at the thought of having to have it off now. I have tried to find other examples of straight men like myself being collared, but they are very few and far between. As a man who has been collared and how it has made me feel, I would say collar him. Thank you for writing this article.

  3. SumethingNew4Me ALT email shows my name

    I am very new 2 this lifestyle & have recently met a wonderful training Dom & I am learning a lot but would greatly appreciate an article on ur take on what submission means & what Qs a newbie like myself should ask of my Dom/Master?
    Just looking 4 other opinions

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