8 responses to “I Am Not A Dominance Vending Machine”

  1. Xavier

    This is really helpful. Thank you for this post and for all the information you provide!


  2. Xavier

    Rev…. I like that you (plural) have spotted this as a “discussable” area. My sense, not just in my dynamic, but in other D/s dynamics where it is full time or as close to it as circumstances will allow, is that a certain amount of “drift” can occur. Particularly where a submissive likes the relinquishing of control in certain areas, but is not really “slave-heart” oriented naturally. So the vending-machine, service Top drift can happen.

    Our “job” as Dominants is to spot it and decide how much of that is a good recalibration for us and how much is starting to cross a line we need to hold in order to be true to our “mission”…whatever we have defined that to be. I like your examples and probably will incorporate them for the “line crossers”.

  3. Howard Bonder

    Good article!

    Great education and a turn on–all in one!

    Thank you…………

  4. Howard Bonder

    Had to comment again. What great insight. Fascinating world:)))

    Thank you.


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