3 responses to “Identity Map- What’s My Role?”

  1. SoulReaper789

    So in your own opinion what would be the best way going about finding your own label? Like for instance I’m pretty self-aware about myself physically, mentally, and emotionally but to basically ask myself who I am?? Yea I tend to just lose myself and get lost. I don’t really have a clue of who I am. I apologize if this may be vague and not full of information but I hope that it’s a good question that can be answered and would be delivhte if you could 🙂 side note: I am fairly new to the BDSM scene

  2. lunaKM

    I’d start by basing it on if you want to give, receive or do both. So take spanking for example. Would you want to give the spanking, receive the spanking or perhaps both? Then use the basic labels of Top (giver), Bottom (receiver) or switch (both).

  3. SoulReaper789

    Well jeez now I wish I had a Staples button because that was easy. 🙂
    Thank you for the help, I appreciate it a lot.

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