6 responses to “Going to the Chapel: Making the D/s Relationship Official”

  1. Xavier

    well, damn. Right on!

  2. Dan

    I remember my collaring ceremony like it was yesterday. Such a beautiful occasion. It was JUST like a wedding! My former mistress and I spent months planning it, and we threw a big party with all our friends….

    There are pics of the collar on my FetLife account. It was custom made.

    I wish you and your sub a lifetime of happiness and growing together!!


    Dan, Lightwave Particle, thelockdude

  3. Ray

    Hi. Love this site and the great info. I pretty new to BDSM and newer to D/s. 2 weeks ago I gave my sub a training collar and am into that process. I would love to see you write an article on ” I think I need to write a more specific post on romance and D/s”. The romance is very much a part of my D/s dynamic.


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