2 responses to “So You Wanna…Attend Your First Play Party”

  1. MsDragon2014

    what are play spaces

  2. Rev

    Play spaces aka “Dungeon space” is anywhere that’s designated for people to engage in BDSM “play”. I’ve always thought “play” is kind of a strange word for what a lot of us do, because it can be but isn’t necessarily playful. Sometimes it’s quite serious. But that’s a common word in the kink community for engaging in scenes with others. If you do an internet search on “play spaces in BDSM” you’ll find more detail. It varies from place to place. It can be a place in someone’s home or a home that’s set up for a party for the night or private space for you and your partner or a public play space where larger gatherings are hosted for socializing, play, workshops, dancing, etc.

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