7 responses to “I Flag “Adorable”: On Being a Little Girl Top”

  1. eye

    Thanks for this! A very interesting insight into a whole world of power exchange that I hadn’t even considered.

  2. Morgan

    Isn’t she great. Very creative and I’m a fan of anything that busts up some stereotypes.
    We get to do this stuff however WE want to do it. 🙂

    I hope she sees your comment eye.


  3. A.S.

    I love this! I don’t match the “little girl” mindset myself, but that’s the beauty of it – like the author, my own personality and style just does not harmonize with the stereotypical femdom star. I’m a very petite, very introverted smartass with a casual approach who still loves both cuddling men and making them cry, even if I get mistaken as having a more submissive nature. (Don’t they know it’s always the quiet ones?) The cozy plaid shirts and general geekiness, I’m finding, are attributes of myself that I’d rather not leave at the door.

    I especially enjoy these lines: “I’m happier now that I’ve embraced my authentic identity. I felt ridiculous teetering in tall boots with a bustier and riding crop and realized I didn’t identify as a dominant. But a little girl top/sadist? That felt authentic and damned fun!” I hadn’t thought about bringing in this side of myself the way RedheadedSlut did, or not to the same extent, and her creative examples of scenes really drove the point home for me. Feels like something I just needed to wait and hear.

    I had not encountered this site before, but this post alone makes it worth my time. Looking forward to having another great resource.

  4. Morgan

    Awesome! Welcome AS! I hope RedheadedSlut gets to see your comment. I’m with you- she’s a great addition to the site. Thanks for your comment!


  5. Ash

    I just wanted to say thank you… Thank you so much for helping me. I’m a Domme who has little moments. I tried suppressing them but it makes me crazy inside. I love black and leather but sometimes I just want to be cute… Colorful and energetic. There is no all or nothing. Its OK for me to flog my sub’s back while wearing striped stockings and a tutu! And believe me its gonna happen! *weg* From now on, in those little moments, I’m gonna consider myself the HBGIC (Head Baby Girl In Charge). I flag “adorable” too and that’s OK! 🙂

  6. Rev

    Dear Ash~

    I’m so glad you found this helpful! I wish the author were still writing for us, for many reasons, but particularly because of her unique approach to some aspects of Domination. I hope she sees your comment. 🙂



  7. Glitter

    This makes so much sense to me. Although I’m very new to the scene, I do strongly identify as a little/kitten and can’t separate those personalities entirely when i top. For a long time that had me concerned, especially looking at all the dommes in corsets and heels, i just want to wear a tail and meow at people (and also consensualy hurt people) :3
    Thank you for the post and the comments ^_^ i feel less weird about being me in topspace now.

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