6 responses to “What We Are to Each Other”

  1. subtoJB

    Another amazing article! From my submissive standpoint, I can totally relate to what you’re talking about. I remember once admitting to Sir that I’d do anything he asked of me just because he is so all-encompassingly wonderful. It’s a magical thing when a relationship gets to that point. I want to push myself because I know he values it, and conversely I’m glad that he pushes my limits and takes me out of my comfort zone. “I think I can do a little more” sums it up perfectly.

    Thank you again for all that you do!


  2. M.T. Heart

    The very words you pen are ripped from my own consciousness. I absolutely believe in the spiritual side. The trust, the give, the intimacy. All of it! What a great piece!!

  3. Michelle911

    I appreciate the precise manner with which this is written. As a submissive, I felt these words quite deeply.
    Thank you,

  4. M

    Wow…just…wow. So erotically well written. Thank you.

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