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  1. Vile

    I just wanted to bring up a few things that crossed my mind when it comes to Training your Submissive for a 24/7.

    We are all different, and while there is a difference between a submissive and a slave, in someways they share the same.

    Once my Slave moved in from day one I restricted her areas of the house, where she could sit and not sit. Yes protocols as well.
    She meets me at the door daily kneeling nude not naked. That was her own choice.
    Speech restrictions as well
    On the days I work late she has a book, and she writes everything she does until I arrive home.
    The key to anything you do is consistency, I believe that is what many tend to lack in. Being consistent in everything you do as the Dominant.
    Just my opinion.

  2. Odell

    So I am new like fresh out of the womb new to everything and I would get a self help book on it all but my spouse I feel is a bit more advanced than your average handbook. I just need a rundown on how to be the best dom I could be. She introduced it I’m just studying up….help?

  3. Mistress Jade


    I wish to take the time to thank you for providing this website in which to help teach others about D/s and so much more surrounding it.

    I am also (even though I am a seasoned Domme) looking for suggestions for daily protocol for a newly acquired slave that will be coming to live with Me (and will be living 24/7) within the next 90 days. While I have some things that I want to see happen…I would like to know if you have anything different to possibly add that I might be able to use. Although I don’t plan on being perfect (because no one can be), it is My sincerest wish to become more organized with these protocols firmly in place so that I can train this slave to memorizing them eventually.

    Are there any classes or books that you can recommend for either O/one of U/us to help guide the slave on how to serve with his whole heart as well as Myself to constantly improve My efforts to continue to be a better Master/Mistress?

    I would love anything in particular that you might suggest.

    Thank you for your time.

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