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  1. The Dominant Gentleman

    Yes. Absolutely, yes. Pick me, too!

    That almost giddy feeling I had the first time I topped someone was so amazing. Even via text. Then, meeting another Dom in person (who had been recommended to me by a friend of a friend), and realizing that there was someone else who thought the way I do, and felt the way I do… the liberation I felt after that first conversation was almost dizzying.

    “I AM OK.” Was a great lesson to learn, and I learned it by meeting others with like minds but more experience.

    That person took me to a local club, and though I didn’t play, seeing other people at play, and watching the interactions was huge. I saw both good interaction, and some of what I thought might not be as good. It gave me something to research, and things to file away in my head as “want to try,” and “don’t like – right now.” Having people to talk to, ask questions while I watched, etc. It was all great.

    Nothing topped (pardon the pun) my first real-live experience with ropes, a flogger, and a willing partner. But I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to actually try it – to trust myself to handle a partner’s trust and power – if I hadn’t had those first introductions.

    So… uh… yeah. Events like this are hugely important, I think. Hand-walking the curious down the path – even if just far enough to peek a bit – is probably the best way to help them to be able to say “I AM OK,” too.


  2. Lynne

    Wonderful essay. I can “hear” you. Thanks to your essay, I’m emboldened to try peeking around the corner.


  3. Morgan

    I’m so glad Lynne! Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad it’s supportive for you on your journey.
    If you have any questions, feel free to write or submit them through the “Ask Anything” tab here on the site (which means your question and my answer will get posted, but without your name or any identifying information on it).


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