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  1. Bratty Sandra

    I love this. I’m a newly identified brat… Didn’t even know there was categories till recently. I show this to anyone thinking if domming me. It is 100% true. In fact just went to far with my dom and got the disappointment thing and now I would do anything to please him… Just like written love it!

  2. Donna

    My best friend just told me last night that this is, in a sense …me. I am a stubborn, intelligent, highly active, independent, hard working professional woman. I often find relationships difficult to nail down; most men I date end up submitting to me and I am left irrevocably frustrated because I want a guy who is man enough to meet my challenge and high octane personality head on, with the ability to help ground me (no not on time out, I mean in a psychological & emotional sense).

    I am old fashioned in my desire for a relationship but often find myself wearing the pants. Though I don’t believe I would fit this particularly into such a specific role, per se, after my friend pointed this out, he told me to take some test and he was quite right… I’m a strong willed, intelligent woman in need of a man that matches me and has the ability and desire to “one-up” me and take the masculine, dominant role… though I don’t identify with the child-like pranking, whatsoever.

  3. Shay

    Yeah I ALWAYS see these types of lists, what YOU can and should do for your brat/sub/slave, etc. But never any good ones for what they’re suppose to do for you, it’s always some BS cop out like “Make sure he listens to you, and let him know yours his.” But never what you really should do for your dom/daddy/master etc. Could someone give me a link to a good one?

  4. Lia

    I’m a unclaimed brat. I only became a brat recently after being dumped for being quote on quote “too stubborn” and “a pain to deal with in bed” I’ve been looking for a partner who can understand what I was trying to explain and this articall does that. Thanks!

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