44 responses to “An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Domination – As Told by an Oregonian”

  1. Benjamin Sanders

    Thank you for the article. It was a great way to understand BDSM. I am new to it and I am going through the same stuff. My wife recently read 50 Shades of Grey, go figure, and wanted to try it out. I think it is a great way to express ourselves and get into a more intimate marriage. Can’t wait to start playtime in our own playroom.

  2. Morgan

    Awesome Benjamin! Although I didn’t write this article, as the lead contributor I cruise the comments and try to respond to everything. I’m always glad to hear that someone finds the guide helpful, no matter whose post they’re enjoying. Thanks for the feedback!


  3. Jim

    What a great article. I’ve instructed acouple to read this article to help them understand the dinamics of a bdsm relationship in hopes of having them join me and my sub.
    It is well thought out and puts it in terms that a vanilla can understand. I especially like the analogy of the yogurt. Awesome.

  4. Lynn

    Wow! I have been looking for this article for months! Its exactly what every sub(like me) is trying to explain to her here to fore vanilla partner! Thank you so much for putting this out there!

  5. Morgan

    Hurrah! I’m glad you found it useful Lynne.

  6. Jerry

    Thank you. This is very good. I’m new to this myself. My girl friend wants me to be a dom to her. And I don’t want to go to far and be a jerk. I like the things I read here. And it is very helpful.

  7. Morgan

    I’m so glad to hear that Jerry! That’s why we do it. I wish there’d been something like this when I was new. I did find some great books out there that helped a lot too- “Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns” and any of the Greenery Press books.

    Feel free to write me with any specific questions you have too or use the Ask Anything box. And DG chat night is the 4th Thursday of the month! If you’re subscribed, you’ll get a notice.



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  11. Richard Jamesde

    Great article…..

  12. Howard Bonder

    Sensational article. A turn on by itself. I have tested as a 100% switch. I enjoy your education and the other readers comments as well

  13. Morgan

    Thanks Howard! I’m glad it’s been helpful for you.


  14. Christine

    I really enjoyed reading through this article. Very enlightening and informative.

  15. LolaGranola1

    Thank you for this article, I was linked by a close friend who is far more experienced than my Owner and I are. This should be essential reading material for all new Doms and subs, in my opinion. I’ve found that because of the added communication and intimate nature of bdsm, my Owner and I have started to reach a new and better, more intensely emotionally connected phase in our marriage. Bdsm has brought us closer, on a physical and emotional level.

    Again, thank you for this article I am forwarding it to my Owner, and I’m certain he will find it as beneficial as I have.

  16. Anna

    I shared this with my husband. I have always had an affinity for kink, and have a very vanilla relationship, and I just feel at my wits end. Lost and nebulous …I just need to be pinned down. I am still figuring out the other parts.thanks for sharing.

  17. Sarah

    Thank you so much for this. I have just started being a Dom. I have so many questions and stuff. This site has been so informative and I’m not made to feel out of place or wrong with it. I am doing so much research ATM. My fiancé is my sub and it is making or relationship so much stronger. I just need the confidence to do more

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