4 responses to “A Master’s Love Letter”

  1. Maia

    That would be a difficult letter to receive. Being released without warning by a Dominant unwilling to train is much worse.

  2. agatha armstrong

    such a letter – such a heart breaking letter for a Master/Mistress to write. thank you for sharing x

  3. Misty Handsaker

    She is warning her slave that she will be released. She has tried so many ways and this is a type of last resort to break through the subs walls. Sometimes you have to offer a person the release to give them a reality check. If this person was unwilling to work with her slave, she would have never wrote this letter. She is showing that her responsibility is her slaves happiness, no matter how it might break her. That is what a Master is supposed to do.

  4. jim sedrut

    wow! amazing letter of an amazing dynamic…………..

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