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  2. Entangled Particle

    Reverend Morgan, this is absolutely beautiful! You have very eloquently captured the essence of Service. It has always been, for me, the most important element of the D/s relationships I’ve enjoyed. I’m not a masochist, not a cross-dresser, not into role-play…my kink is, pure and simple, to make my Mistress happy. “Ecstatically” happy when possible, or peacefully content at most other times.

    Give me chores to do, give me something broken to fix, give me a project – something I can make for you, let me read to you, teach me how you like your coffee, or your steak, (do you like your sweaters folded or hung), or just let me brush your hair, or caress you while you fall asleep…

  3. Max

    This is well thought and beautifully written.

    It’s sweet to find echos of my workshop in your writing, and so very delightful to hear that you and your partner had a moment of connection in that workshop. I couldn’t ask for a nicer result.

    I look forward to the next time our paths cross.


  4. Richard James

    Lovely article!

    I am fascinated by this whole world of BDSM. People like yourself do a great service–no pun intended, by your thinking. My take on things is that the mind is capable of things that the body can’t fathom! Giving service is a beautiful thing. Even more beautiful when it is acknowledged and appreciated.

    Please keep sharing the light…

  5. Kitten

    What I enjoy the most about being with my Master is the fact that W/we service each other. He is always telling me that He wants to do His absolute best to please me. When I hear Him say this, my heart swells and my happiness soars to great heights. Sometimes during play, I get too tired to continue. When this happens, I use what little energy I have left to make sure He is fully satisfied. Even though I know that Him finishing isn’t a requirement during play, I make sure He does if I’m able. He often reminds me that I don’t have to get Him off, and I just smile and tell Him that I want to. I know that this makes him happy, mentally as well as physically. These small services, along with others, are the glue that binds U/us together.

  6. Feline du Nord

    My sister, who was a Domme then already, told me my marriage was a D/s / Femdom marriage….
    Since I wasn’t familiar with the dynamics and terminology of Kinklife/BDSM etc. I didn’t agree.
    My husband was fondly taking care of his young wife is what I thought….
    Married for 20 years I have acknowledged my Inner Domina and my sadistic side…
    Since exploring Fetlife, Dominant’s Guide and Submissive’s Guide, I’ve come to realize my sister was right all along… My husband is service oriented, takes care of those in his care. No masochist, not into play… but he lives to make me happy… To serve me my breakfast the way I like it, in my bed… With coffee and newspaper… The household pets all taken care of…
    When I casually mention something I like, he will provide me with it the next opportunity he gets….
    He cooks and cleans, washes, does maintenance, all household chores and his reward is my contentment…
    I bask in his service…. It makes me feel so valued by him… And I value him intensely….
    My wish is his command and he prefers to cut me to the chase….
    And though I loved him already, his service does give our relationship a deeper level of commitment and contentment….

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