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  1. Zion Sherart

    I have recently entered into a D/s relationship. she has informed me that she likes slap play. I am a very new Dom, and I have been reading my ass off as I am so new to this. As far as I understand it is a Dom’s responsibility to ensure the emotional growth of the sub? What are some other responsibilites. I understand sexual dominance, and am willing to explore more, but what else exists outside of that realm?

  2. Morgan

    Hi Zion Sherart~

    Relationships in general, in the best situations, generate emotional growth for everyone.
    It’s not necessarily your responsibility to ensure your sub’s emotional growth, though if the two of you want that, you can certainly build that into your relationship.

    I think you’re doing great in reading up. There are a lot of options for ways to build on your D/s dynamic- there are some articles on the site and elsewhere regarding journaling, orgasm control (though it sounds like you’re good to go with the sexual Dominance), homework, domestic service, and more.

    Are there particular things she’s interested in? Are there things you’ve read about that seem interesting? The thing is, there are no set “rules” for what it should look like. It can be a D/s relationship simply based on sexual Dominance, in fact that’s all some people are interested in. That’s perfectly fine.

    It’s really up to you two to create the relationship you would most enjoy and benefit from together. If sexual Dominance alone doesn’t seem to be enough, I’d suggest talking over some other possibilities- you might even give her an assignment to do some research and bring you 5 items she’s come across that seem interesting to her. Have her send them to you or present them to you and you can discuss them, see if any of them seem workable in your lives. Sometimes it’s helpful being part of a larger community (Fetlife or local Munches) so you can get inspiration from others who’s style you like, ask questions.

    I recommend introducing one or two new things at a time and then communicate about how it’s going. You may find things need adjusting or aren’t really going to work in reality, or maybe they aren’t as good for you two as they sounded on paper. Be flexible. Keep the things that work well and then add more. There’s no finish line to get to. 🙂

    I hope that helps. Feel free to write me if you have more questions or want to get more specific. I’d also like to use this as an Ask Anything post if that’s okay with you. I think a lot of people could benefit from the asking and the answering. Many may have suggestions for you as well.


  3. PDX_Ringo

    I am a new Dom, and we love face slapping. It took some time for me to get used to, as I grew up with learning women are not to be hit. We love it, and I would never strike in anger.

    So there we were, off together on one of my business trips, and having a fine time the night before returning home. It was the most severe and wonderful face slapping we had ever enjoyed. Both sides of the face, probably 50 strikes to a side? Her always asking for more, and harder. She loves pain. A bloody lip would have been perfect. So as I am having a merry time, I notice a bit of swelling just above her right cheek. Oops. I back of on the slapping, continue our fine session.. all is well. Except the next day she has a black eye and bruises on her forehead. She wears it proudly. Loves it. Sends me pics.

    Problem? Her mother, who is meeting me for the first time, is flying in in two days! After thorough research on internet regarding makeup cover-up, she got it looking pretty good.

    Her mother noticed, we didn’t want to lie, and eventually told her how it happened. But it was awkward. So remember… timing is everything!

    And yes, be sure to remove jewelry beforehand and support head/neck while administering.

    Kind regards,

  4. Morgan

    Hi Ringo~

    Thanks for sharing that peek into your relationship! 🙂 And the excellent advice.
    I wonder if you would be interested in writing guest posts for the DG? I’ll send you a private message.

    Rev Morgan

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