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  1. Maggie

    And you’re paraphrasing who? Sounds like it came straight off this: https://fetlife.com/users/1999649/posts/1594224 Not to mention my own blog on the topic that copyrighted several times. https://fetlife.com/users/1999649/posts/1594224 I’m just saying if you’re going to use other peoples work then give them credit.

  2. lunaKM

    I’m not paraphrasing anyone. The content of this post is copied directly from Wikipedia which has a creative commons share-alike license. You can see the page for yourself here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subspace_(BDSM)

    But I want to thank you for adding your resources to the page via your comment!

  3. BDSM For Basic Bitches: Top or Bottom? – Vanilla Swirled Vocabulary – Syrworks

    […] an in-depth reading on this topic you can check out all of these posts which talk about subspace as well as aftercare, a subject I will be delving into later […]

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