2 responses to “What’s So Funny? The Benefits of Laughter in Scenes”

  1. Dave Berman

    Yes, laughter is seriously good for you! Thanks for this great article, Morgan. A few other things worth noting:

    In addition to reduced cortisol and increased endorphins, laughter will also produce more serotonin and dopamine, accounting for elevated mood, as well as oxytocin, known as the bonding hormone (it is also produced during breast feeding; and I’m guessing it’s a possible reason why people who regularly attend laughter yoga classes together seem to feel so fondly toward their classmates).

    Also, a few months ago, the NY Times reported on research from Oxford University showing laughter increases the threshold for tolerating pain. What are the implications for BDSM play where pain is often desired? Here’s the article:


    Finally, since laughter yoga classes are indeed offered all around the world, here is a link to a directory so you can find the one nearest you:


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