22 responses to “Hurt So Good: The Joys of Being A Masochist”

  1. Golucky

    I’m with a new, I guess we can call him a friend with benefits, and he has been very clear about being a masochist. We have slept together twice, both times pretty vanilla, ( don’t get me wrong, they were great, just I find getting to know someone easier before you introduce too much kink, like learn boundaries a bit) anyway he knows that I am also rather submissive in the bedroom, like I like being choked and tied up, not so much the pain, but the loss of control (I think it’s because in my usual lifestyle and work environment I kind of have to be a boss lady.) but he really wants me to try to be more dominant, an I’m up for it. But maybe only 80% of the time. I think I need the loss of control or something. Also if it’s not obvious, I’m very new at this, and need pointers. Is it fair to ask him to do that for me? Or are we just not compatible? I would be totally fine with being 100% submissive or 80% dominant, just not more. Is it even possible that two masochists can be together?

  2. MrZsc

    Double dildos.

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