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  1. Paul Haley

    My girlfriend, who is also My Mistress and Dominatrix , now would like to be a submissive to me.. I am ,by nature a submissive,her submissive. So this switch would be only temporary,and would only last for 20 minutes, Anyway ,what things should I do to her !

  2. Morgan

    That is a great question! It really depends on her, what she likes and what you’re okay with. If she’s your Dominant, perhaps you could ask her that question- what is it she wants from you as a Top?


  3. Paul Haley

    I really don’t know,,but I will follow your advice and ask her..I think she would enjoy being told what to do .

  4. Morgan

    It’s important to talk about interests and limits, probably as she did with you before you played the first time.
    It helps that you know each other a bit already, yet it’s still a good idea to talk beforehand. My boy and I have a similar dynamic going on by the way. Good times! Have fun.


  5. Richard Jameslon

    Great ideas..

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